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This Should've Been EASY

This Should've Been EASY

18 jam yang lalu

Techifying a freakin' BOAT!
This Laptop is ALL SCREEN!
I need HELP with my new house...
AMD vs Intel Title Fight!

AMD vs Intel Title Fight!

14 hari yang lalu

CELEBRITY Tech Trivia!

CELEBRITY Tech Trivia!

21 hari yang lalu

Why do Laptop Webcams Suck??
  1. Michael Campese

    Michael Campese38 menit yang lalu

    I bought an s21 ultra back in April and I'm ngl, as long as the new phones have a high refresh rate, these phones will be hella convincing

  2. Himanshu Sankhala

    Himanshu Sankhala38 menit yang lalu

    Each and every features are useless for me though

  3. Nutella-Brot

    Nutella-Brot38 menit yang lalu

    Is he talking about the beta version or is iOS 15 officially out?

  4. gama6

    gama638 menit yang lalu

    When they get close to this one...

  5. SilentKaliSmoker

    SilentKaliSmoker38 menit yang lalu

    This just sounds like a bunch of new stuff for apple that Android has had for years. 🤦‍♂️

  6. A M X

    A M X38 menit yang lalu

    That bird at 3:51 is DEFINItELY madison stuff

  7. Edward Smith

    Edward Smith38 menit yang lalu

    “unlike Android 12, Apple is bringing big changes”…ummm, what? Android 12 is a major overhaul of the UI and functionality, not sure how you can start the video by beating down on Android, when that is far from the truth. Maybe Apple is bringing more features, or unique features, or going in a different direction…

  8. Dakota Esp

    Dakota Esp38 menit yang lalu

    Jeeze it gets worse and worse. Next time maybe pick someone that actually has an appreciation for things. Or at least understands the value. Or even someone who thinks before they act. Someone with enough brains to use them. I don’t want to be mean, but this is just useless as a video now. I’m all for people doing things themselves, but it’s clear this isn’t something she ever wanted to do before the video idea.

  9. The SektorZ

    The SektorZ38 menit yang lalu

    Poor Anthony can't host a video without all the comments being solely about him. How annoying is that?

  10. Tibor Barna

    Tibor Barna38 menit yang lalu


  11. Radiant

    Radiant38 menit yang lalu

    So, more features that android/samsung has already had for months if not years, and facetime's trying to become zoom. Did apple really not have pull down to refresh? jesus.

  12. Mohammed Sulaiman

    Mohammed Sulaiman39 menit yang lalu

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about how shitty the dual sim experience is on iPhones

  13. Jay Srivastav

    Jay Srivastav39 menit yang lalu

    I see nothing significant here not already present on android...

  14. Adel

    Adel39 menit yang lalu

    They litterly copied samsung 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Charlie S

    Charlie S39 menit yang lalu

    As of this video iOS 15 is a beta (might want to add that to the title as for now it is a bit misleading)

  16. King of Troubleshooter

    King of Troubleshooter39 menit yang lalu

    What will happen if that is in 1GB RAM?

  17. Halvard Lund

    Halvard Lund39 menit yang lalu

    Early release ? Play with words ? I got fooled anyway.

  18. Tag Howard

    Tag Howard39 menit yang lalu

    I’m kind of surprised he didn’t touch on all the local processing, Siri/dictation working without an Internet connection is a pretty big bonus

  19. Karl

    Karl39 menit yang lalu

    I'm probably going to switch from Pixel to iPhone next year. No hate on android or Pixels, I'm just bored with Android.

  20. Jaded Carton

    Jaded Carton39 menit yang lalu


  21. Pqrst Zxerty

    Pqrst Zxerty39 menit yang lalu

    Good work Anthony.


    NAYAAB AHMED N39 menit yang lalu

    Someone give this man a handkerchief 😂😂,nice video anthony

  23. Alessandro Filippi

    Alessandro Filippi39 menit yang lalu

    Isn't this video supposed to be on the apple centric channel?

  24. justin reed

    justin reed39 menit yang lalu

    anthony you are not the only one who is super happy about image text dragging. this is going to literally save me hours of translation/transcription for a research paper

  25. Matty

    Matty39 menit yang lalu

    I'm here just to say... Who doesn't love Anthony? He is just pure joy

  26. UUB Repus

    UUB Repus40 menit yang lalu

    iOS becomes very illogical and complicated and the UI in every apps is inconsistent. I remember the iOS iPhone 1 - 5 were so simple.

  27. Crazycorgi

    Crazycorgi40 menit yang lalu

    Apple keeps adding dumb stuff to iMessage that no one will use yet they ignore the major flaws Pegasus uses to hack iPhones

  28. Pritam Karmakar

    Pritam Karmakar40 menit yang lalu

    Me who never used iphone, coz i can't afford it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Matias Yepez

    Matias Yepez40 menit yang lalu

    Has Nvidia unlocked the drivers for the 3090?

  30. Skye Diann

    Skye Diann40 menit yang lalu

    "It's enough to make Android die-hards consider switching sides" You sure about that?

  31. Tawzeeh • 6 Years Ago

    Tawzeeh • 6 Years Ago40 menit yang lalu

    I didn't know about the background noise being added in live listen. pretty neat!

  32. Shatter53

    Shatter5340 menit yang lalu

    Cool but I still see no need to switch from Android other than all my friends call me a loser for having one. If anyone has an actual reason I should switch then let me know because I planning on getting a new phone soon.

  33. Bgc Bgc

    Bgc Bgc40 menit yang lalu

    don't drive?

  34. Pqrst Zxerty

    Pqrst Zxerty41 menit yang lalu

    Will it run on a Casio Fx83GTplus ?

  35. 7ktTube

    7ktTube41 menit yang lalu

    new iOS features that android already has would be a more accurate video title .

  36. Askyrl

    Askyrl41 menit yang lalu


  37. Curd

    Curd41 menit yang lalu

    It’s kinda funny as I am watching the is on an iPhone 6s with iOS 15

  38. Paradox CityLife

    Paradox CityLife41 menit yang lalu

    Hi Linus, hi everyone " very good review my friend, I need a new phone too", :)

  39. Daniel D.

    Daniel D.41 menit yang lalu

    Seeing Anthony in the thumbnail -> Like the video -> Watch the video

  40. Andrew Lofthouse

    Andrew Lofthouse41 menit yang lalu

    Great video. Spend less time advertising please as I do like the way you explain things.

  41. Arch

    Arch41 menit yang lalu

    Emoji is creepy AF

  42. Jose Lara

    Jose Lara41 menit yang lalu

    Le Andrew Tech Tips

  43. fabian williams

    fabian williams41 menit yang lalu

    You are a awesome person too bad I don’t have a gaming PC I am a special special Ed the disability check and I got kicked out of high school didn’t graduate but every day I love watching your Videos

  44. MrThrowUps

    MrThrowUps41 menit yang lalu

    me dual sim xs max is becoming more hands-on dual sim

  45. KingRampage

    KingRampage42 menit yang lalu

    you can still use the dial feature on the current IOS update, just slide it

  46. OlivesAndHam

    OlivesAndHam42 menit yang lalu

    You should build a pc in a microwave.

  47. elementarw

    elementarw42 menit yang lalu

    So you’re saying iOS is better?

  48. Talha Zia

    Talha Zia42 menit yang lalu

    bogger in Left Nostril :)

  49. Emrullah Acar

    Emrullah Acar42 menit yang lalu

    Oh God! Your right nostril made this video impossible to watch.

  50. Ishaan Banger

    Ishaan Banger42 menit yang lalu

    mx browns are just a little too tactile for me..(: lol

  51. Tag no

    Tag no42 menit yang lalu

    1:40 is actually massive for bluetooth audio. Getting a notification while watching a video with my phone hooked up to my car, causes a 2 seconds delay. Rewinding fixes it, but still its annoying.

  52. Symbolls Gaming

    Symbolls Gaming42 menit yang lalu

    LoL i have all of those on my galaxy s7

  53. Rajkumar

    Rajkumar42 menit yang lalu

    One solid reason to switch to MacBooks is battery life. Can a 5 year old windows laptop give the same battery life like a 5 year old macbook? A big NO

  54. Michael Dean

    Michael Dean42 menit yang lalu

    How has he got his signal icon to be like that?

  55. Kingof 9x

    Kingof 9x42 menit yang lalu

    Why doesn'tt Anthony's iphone runch Arch?

  56. Seth Whittum

    Seth Whittum42 menit yang lalu

    We love you Anthony!!

  57. brylidan

    brylidan42 menit yang lalu

    Ill belive everything antony says.

  58. M

    M42 menit yang lalu

    12:01 You cut the best part ...

  59. mrreet2001

    mrreet200142 menit yang lalu

    I'm sure occupancy sensors make sense in rooms like guest rooms, but really you go to bed or to the kitchen and it hot or freezing because you were in the living room for two hours? I think I'll pass on the "savings".

  60. Muhammad A Rehman

    Muhammad A Rehman42 menit yang lalu

    Me: laughs in android

  61. Mr.Aymane

    Mr.Aymane43 menit yang lalu

    Sorry Anthony but all of that exists somewhere else already.

  62. Flesh

    Flesh43 menit yang lalu

    Not moving to apple anything, but most of that was pretty good stuff.

  63. notneo

    notneo43 menit yang lalu

    Did anyone notice the booger in Anthony's nose?

  64. Gold63Beast

    Gold63Beast43 menit yang lalu

    0:03 that blue Motorola. Mannnnnnnn, felt sooo great at the time it came out to have it. I’ve never had that feeling since.

  65. R T

    R T43 menit yang lalu

    Does Linus media have an Apple specific channel?

  66. CSaturn95

    CSaturn9543 menit yang lalu

    Okay iOS 15 is cool and all but my dog just 💀

  67. Ishaan Banger

    Ishaan Banger43 menit yang lalu

    did linus just call mx browns

  68. TTGL Rikusen

    TTGL Rikusen43 menit yang lalu

    I'll be honest, this is all pretty damn exciting news. But as someone who deals with android to iphone transfers (and vice versa) consistently. I can honestly say I will never trust the Move to IOS system. I'd honestly prefer spending the time moving things by hand! Its a buggy mess that apple still hasn't fixed to this day.

  69. DoomSkull

    DoomSkull43 menit yang lalu

    but will it run on my old 6S? (yes it should)

  70. Jonathan Kateega

    Jonathan Kateega43 menit yang lalu

    So Apple is killing the Noizio app now

  71. John Trooper

    John Trooper43 menit yang lalu

    Linus Sex Tips

  72. Marco

    Marco43 menit yang lalu

    This new update comes with a secret countdown timer so your phone craps out just in time for the release of the next phone lol

  73. Boss Sev 38

    Boss Sev 3844 menit yang lalu

    XKCD bro)))

  74. Eeshan Shukla

    Eeshan Shukla44 menit yang lalu

    What is happening?🧐

  75. Niklāvs Melnbārdis

    Niklāvs Melnbārdis44 menit yang lalu

    are you all here to just praise Anthony (doing great of course) or we'll address the fact that android have those features like.... yesterday, figuratively speaking

  76. Elian Palomino Aranda

    Elian Palomino Aranda44 menit yang lalu

    Why is his face eating his eyes?